Deeper Dive into HPI (History of Present Illness) 3.0 (Self-Study)



This seminar is clinically-based for anyone invested in improving their skills.

For only New York State Licensed LMSWs, LCSWs, LMHCs, and CASACs, 2 CEUs are available once the post-test and evaluation are completed.

We cannot be certain of our diagnoses until we have taken a deep dive into HPI. What are the key components of an HPI? How do we go about conducting an effective HPI? And how does an HPI differ from an HPS?

Let us master this skill and enhance our practice!

At the end of this online seminar, you will have:

  1. Learned the framework of the Socratic Motivational Practice to assess for history of present illness to help our patients and clients.
  2. Learned the Principles, Techniques, Steps, and Do's and Don'ts of the Socratic Motivational Practice to assess for history of present illness to help our patients and clients.
  3. Increased your tools to talking with patients and clients by identifying at least one thing you will start doing differently, at the end of the webinar, as a result of the Socratic Motivational Practice framework.
  4. Everything you want in one place, including an illustration of how to implement the newly learned skills during our role plays.
  5. Received your certificate by email immediately after your post-test and evaluation are completed.


"It is directly applicable to case managers - who are my coworkers, and it helps us to think about how to be more effective in our work with clients, and some pretty practical skills to try."

- Kelley, LMSW

"Applicable to so much of the work that we do. My staff would really benefit from this training. Instructors are both wonderful. Thank you for creating the space and opportunity for this kind of learning."

- Diana, LMSW

"I feel so appreciated and valued as a SWEET attendee. Karen and Dr. Sidor are so welcoming and thankful for our attendance. I always look forward to my next webinar. In fact, I wish I could meet the staff. Dr. Sidor is a wonderful educator and a truly humanistic physician. From my perspective, both Karen and Dr. Sidor really care about their students learning the course material and how to do therapy in the best possible way."

- Mary Grace, LCSW-R

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89% of SWEET Webinar Attendees felt that the course they attended gave them practical information they could use in their everyday life

Your Facilitator and Co-Facilitator

Mardoche Sidor, MD & Karen Dubin, PhD, LCSW
Mardoche Sidor, MD & Karen Dubin, PhD, LCSW

Mardoche Sidor, MD, is a Harvard-trained Quadruple Board Certified Psychiatrist, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Columbia University, School of Physicians and Surgeons, trained in and taught all major psychotherapeutic modalities, including and not limited to CBT, DBT, Family Systems, and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy. He is also the author of 11 books including Journey to Empowerment, Discovering Your Worth, The Power of Faith. and, The Art of Living. Dr. Sidor has worked both as a primary care physician and Medical Director in three different settings, including a Chief Medical Officer of the Center for Alternative Sentencing and Employment Services (CASES). He is a main facilitator for the SWEET Institute. His 11th book, entitled, NLP for Clinicians is now available to the public.

Karen Dubin, PhD, LCSW, is a Columbia-trained Social Worker with wide clinical, teaching, and supervision experience. She also has a background in management, mentorship, and leadership that spans more than 20 years. Her added passion is in advocacy and coaching. She has previously held Executive level positions, and two other directorships in different organizations. She is currently Adjunct Faculty at Columbia University School of Social Work and Adelphi University School of Social Work. She also maintains a private practice, provides supervision, and clinical and management training. She is also a personal and executive-level coach. She is a main facilitator for the SWEET Institute.

"Webinars often feel impersonal and passive; this one did not at all. An effective and memorable learning experience."

Janice, LMSW

"The warmth and relatedness in the presentation."

– Lorie, LCSW

"Practical, relevant information provided in the midst of a current situation. Engaging with the chat and answering questions."

– Sybil, LMHC

"Important topics presented with clarity in user-friendly format. Enormously helpful to easily access required LIVE webinars as a member."

– Kathleen, LMSW

Frequently Asked Questions

I see you have a membership. What do I get with it?
A SWEET Membership entitles you to: Certification programs of 12-24 CEUs that are between $200-$300 for non-members: As a member you will pay $0. Full day webinars of 6 CEUs that are $150-$199 for non-members: As a member, you will pay $0. Unlimited access to our dynamic and SWEET Model-based webinars of 2 CEUs that are either $30 or $49 for non-members: As a member, you will pay $0. Our Self-Expression Series webinars that are $159 for non-members: As a member, you will pay $0. Our Guest Speaker webinars of 1-2 CEUs that are between $49-$99 for non-members: As a member, you will pay $0. Support with your career, professional, and personal development.
What is the SWEET Institute?
SWEET’s vision is to facilitate the empowerment of all clinicians, advocates, and agencies, and in turn, that of patients and clients they serve. Through empowerment, self-care will be promoted, burnout will be prevented, and excellent patient/client care will be upheld. At SWEET, we emphasize “the Why, the How, the What, and Then What," while using the Socratic and Desire Methods. SWEET’s mission is to facilitate empowerment through education, multimodal trainings, and a community established for all clinicians, advocates, and agencies, so we can all grow together.
How different are these online seminars? Will I be able to interact with the Course Facilitator(s)?
Absolutely. One of the keystone paradigms of the SWEET Institute is the collective learning process. This is accomplished using the Socratic Method and is based on the most up-to-date adult learning theories. Integrating this process into our in-person and online seminars creates a unique and dynamic learning experience for all of us. It is essential to us that a comfortable learning environment is created, so that anyone who attends our in-person or online seminars participate and are able to take risks and push themselves to gain deeper knowledge. In our online seminars, this will be done through our chat feature. Also, both Mardoche and Karen are available for consultation and clarification following in-person or online seminars or by email at [email protected].
How will I get CEUs?
At the end of the seminar, you will be required to complete a post-test for online learning, and an evaluation of the course. Once the post-test is passed and the evaluation completed, you will be emailed your certificate.
Are you available for in-person or online training for agencies, including those outside New York?
We are! We will first need to learn more about the specific needs of your agency/organization. This way we are able to customize our seminars to ensure that it is the best fit possible for the staff.
I’m an LMHC/LMSW/LCSW, do you provide CEU credits?
SWEET is currently approved to provide continuing education credits to clinicians in 47 states. We are approved by the New York State Department of Education to provide CEU credits to LMSWs, LCSWs, and LMHCs. Our webinars are individually approved by NASW in 46 additional states. The only states we currently cannot provide CEU credits for social workers are Michigan, New Jersey, and West Virginia.

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