Practical Steps in Behavioral Modification (Behavior Modification Certificate Course - Session 7) (Self-Study)



This course is eligible for 2 CEUs for Licensed Social Workers, Licensed Mental Health Counselors, Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselors (CASACs), and Psychologists in New York State

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You will receive your certificate by email after your post-test is passed and your evaluation is completed.

A Journey from Suffering to Empowerment and to Getting Things Done!

This is the seventh session in the 8-Session Behavior Modification Certificate Course

On how to help your patients, your clients, better manage

Their Behaviors, Thoughts, and Emotions * Do What They Say They’re Going To Do * Say Goodbye to Procrastination, and * Say Hello to Getting More Things Done Faster, Better, and While Enjoying More of Their Life.

Some of the outcomes will then include:

Healthier Self-Image, Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence, and

More Happiness, Success, and Fulfillment

“Human Behaviour is Incredibly Pliable, Plastic.”

- Philip Zimbardo (The Stanford Prison Experiment)

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Join the SWEET Institute for a Transformative and Experiential Learning Certificate Course that allows you to master the fundamentals, methodologies, and techniques of behavior modification so you can help your patients and clients.

At the end of this Certificate Course, you will be able to help your patients and clients:

  1. Understand the three main ways of modifying a behavior, why their own methods have been failing, and what will truly make a difference for them.
  2. Identify their main barriers, transform them into assets, and make their assets work even better for them.
  3. Identify the fastest and easiest ways to make changes in their behaviors, emotions, thoughts, and belief systems.
  4. Shift their relationships, adjust their habits, results, and reshape their identity.
  5. Move from a Suffering State of Awareness to an Empowering State of Awareness.

Here’s What Attendees Have to Say about SWEET Webinars:

"The webinars are thorough and well-paced. The interactive design ensures engagement during the webinar for a deeper learning experience. Even though participants can't see each other, I feel a sense of community the way Mardoche Sidor uses the comments in the chat box and responds and reflects them back to us."

- Jessica, LMSW

"Karen, I took your class on burnout the other day. I have to say, I was surprised when the feelings were so strong. Through your process, I let go of the feelings of frustration and the next day my Director complimented me on my energy! Thanks."

- Caroline, LCSW-R [Email Communication]

"Mardoche's knowledge is imparted with wisdom and care. The warm, caring environment is conducive to learning. The Socratic Method of learning is ideal! I've never retained so much information without actively studying."

- Marie, LCSW

"Informative, relevant, excellent learning environment; facilitator was knowledgeable and respectful. Easily accessible. I registered for the webinar 15 minutes before it started and had no difficulty getting onto the platform."

- Jamie, LCSW

"It's always good to further hone skills to make work more accurate and efficient. Karen is a very effective facilitator; she has command of the knowledge and material, is intuitive to questions."

- Sonia, LCSW

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Session Dates and Topics:

Week 1: Behavioral Modification: Behavioral Plans that Work - October 26, 2020 (7pm-9pm EDT)

Week 2: How to Make Unhelpful Habits Impossible - November 2, 2020 (7pm-9pm EST)

Week 3: More Results with Less Effort in Behavioral Change - November 9, 2020 (7pm-9pm EST)

Week 4: Rules to Go By in Behavioral Modification - November 16, 2020 (7pm-9pm EST)

Week 5: Beliefs and Pitfalls to Avoid - November 23, 2020 (7pm-9pm EST)

Week 6: The How's of the Do's and Don'ts - November 30, 2020 (7pm-9pm EST)

Week 7: Practical Steps in Behavioral Modification - December 7, 2020 (7pm-9pm EST)

Week 8: The Secrets of Behavioral Changes - December 14, 2020 (7pm-9pm EST)

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Your Facilitator and Co-Facilitator

Mardoche Sidor, MD & Karen Dubin, PhD, LCSW
Mardoche Sidor, MD & Karen Dubin, PhD, LCSW

Mardoche Sidor, MD, is a Harvard-trained Quadruple Board Certified Psychiatrist, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Columbia University, School of Physicians and Surgeons, trained in and taught all major psychotherapeutic modalities, including and not limited to CBT, DBT, Family Systems, and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy. He is also the author of 11 books including Journey to Empowerment, Discovering Your Worth, The Power of Faith. and, The Art of Living. Dr. Sidor has worked both as a primary care physician and Medical Director in three different settings, including a Chief Medical Officer of the Center for Alternative Sentencing and Employment Services (CASES). He is a main facilitator for the SWEET Institute. His 11th book, entitled, NLP for Clinicians is now available to the public.

Karen Dubin, PhD, LCSW, is a Columbia-trained Social Worker with wide clinical, teaching, and supervision experience. She also has a background in management, mentorship, and leadership that spans more than 20 years. Her added passion is in advocacy and coaching. She has previously held Executive level positions, and two other directorships in different organizations. She is currently Adjunct Faculty at Columbia University School of Social Work and Adelphi University School of Social Work. She also maintains a private practice, provides supervision, and clinical and management training. She is also a personal and executive-level coach. She is a main facilitator for the SWEET Institute.

"The entire experience was helpful, and gave me tips on how to self care that I can share with my colleagues and clients. I am so grateful to be a part of SWEET. It is educational, well presented, and I learn something new or forgotten with every webinar that I attend. Dr. Sidor has a way of teaching that makes it enjoyable. That is a gift rarely seen in someone so brilliant."

Vilma, LCSW-R

"SWEET offers a special way of presenting the information. We are so engaged in the process. It is such an enjoyable way to learn. Karen sharing her experiences with clients. Very memorable and educational. The entire process was wonderful. Loved this presentation. Very informative. Love being a SWEET member. Best decision I have ever made!"

Michelle, LCSW-R

"I thought the presentation was well thought out and organized, and I thought the presenter was excellent in conveying the course material. The course was valuable to me in my work with clients who experience anxiety because it gave me a structured framework to work from and some tangible techniques to use."

– Caren, LCSW

"There was a lot of practical material I can implement with my clients. The facilitator was excellent, covering a lot, and interactive with the participants actively. The clarity and usefulness of how to get unstuck, both clients and therapists, the role play. I felt welcomed, and my personal questions regarding technical aspects of the webinar were answered quickly. Great way to spend 2 hours productively, without feeling rushed."

Rachel, LCSW-R

"Very informative and personable. I felt like I was in an actual classroom. I loved it. The tools that were offered to use with my patients. It is so helpful. I felt at my wits' end when working with clients suffering with anxiety; now I have new tools."

Denise, LCSW

"I found it to be captivating and engaging. I also found that it provided techniques to actually use. Whereas other trainings do brief overviews and do not offer much to take away, this was great. I also loved how people's questions were answered, and how even though it was virtual, people were engaged."

Megan, LMSW

97% of SWEET course attendees feel that the courses give them practical information they can use in their everyday life

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to attend all 8 weeks in order to get my certificate?
Yes. If you missed a week, you must do the self-study (recorded) webinar prior to attending the subsequent week. Otherwise, you risk accumulating gaps, which may, in turn, lead to an inability to use the model adequately to help those who come to you.
Can I enroll in this Course even after it has already started?
Yes. If you register after this Course has already started, you must agree to watch all self-study (recorded) classes and to do all the lessons before you attend your first live class. Otherwise, you will likely be holding your colleagues behind by asking to repeat concepts that have already been mastered.
Are there any other requirements to getting a certificate besides completing each and every one of the 8 classes?
Yes. (1) After each of the 8 classes, you must take and pass a post-test and complete the evaluation. You must score at least 80% on the post-test to obtain a 2 CEU certificate for that particular class. (2) At the end of the course, we will verify that you received all 8 certificates. (3) Once you have all 8 certificates, you must present a paper that contains at least the following points: A. Your summary of Behavioral Modifications; B. The main points; C. Your personal take; D. How it differs from all other certificate courses you have taken so far; and E. How you plan to ensure fidelity as you practice it. There is no exception to this requirement. No one will be able to receive a certificate of completion for this Course without having met the above requirements.
Does this Course offer CEUs?
Yes, CEUs are offered through this Course for all social workers throughout the United States, except the following three states: Michigan, New Jersey, and West Virginia. This Course also offers CEUs for all social workers and Mental Health Counselors in the state of New York.
What are your reimbursement policies?
Anyone who registered for this Course through any of the three payment plans, and who wishes to withdraw, for whatever reason, is entitled to a reimbursement, with no questions asked other than for improvement purposes. The reimbursement will be minus the price of each single webinar attended by the date of wish to withdraw.
Is this whole Certificate Course at No additional cost for all SWEET Members?
Yes, the SWEET Institute pledges to make all courses available for free to all members who have continued to maintain their membership. We ask members to please not pay for the Course to avoid the use of resources required in the reimbursement process. If you are a member and are having difficulties registering for free, please contact us and do NOT proceed by paying for the Course.
How is this Course different from the other Certificate Courses?
Knowledge is not power - only knowledge that is properly implemented is power. In our CBT Certificate Course, we learn and master a series of crucial concepts, a number of CBT techniques and exercises, the process of substitution and its implementation, and the applied process of integration. In the Psychotherapy Certificate Course, we learn and master the full process of integration through exploration. And in our NLP Certificate Course, we learn and master a series of techniques, methodologies, and principles responsible for what makes anyone the best in what they do, and how to replicate that for ourselves, our loved ones, and our patients and clients. However, all of this will require a process; part of this process will entail some form of behavioral modification and unless we can help our patients and clients implement the art and science of behavioral modification, the implementation of what is available from those other Certificate Courses will be very challenging. This Certificate Course is conceived in this regard. It is also conceived in the spirit of providing all clinicians with concrete tools to help their patients and clients while going over the other Certificate Courses. This Certificate Course is a great accompaniment to all our other Certificate Courses, as well as a stand-alone certificate program.